Rave Reviews for Kids Can Change the World

Our founder’s book, Kids Can Change the World, has great reviews on Amazon! Look at a few:

on June 28, 2017
Format: Paperback|Verified Purchase
Mr. Appiah wrote this book to show “how kids can turn their passion into progress”, but it is certainly not only useful for kids. It’s a breezy read with content on par with any business book – minus the fluff. It is simple, concise, and highly actionable. If I had read this as a middle school student I can not imagine where I would be today. I hope that every young person – especially, but not exclusively, of color – has the opportunity to get the information conveyed in this brief book. He touches on matters as diverse as impact, mentorship, time management, and authenticity in the space of 65 power packed pages. Looking forward to this young author’s next works!
on August 31, 2017
Child authors are few and far between. This is written by a mature young man who is very involved with his community and helping others out.
Pictured: Our founder with former Seattle Seahawks player Landon Cohen. Mr. Cohen was a celebrity player in our March tournament. He is the Vice President of Light Transportation Co. and founder of The Valet LLC.

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