About Us

Ball4Good is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit supporting the community and other nonprofit organizations through sports. Founded in Spartanburg, South Carolina, Ball4Good began as a school project. Mrs. Kelsea Turner of Spartanburg Day School inspired her students to dedicate 20% of history period to a service project. Mrs. Turner called the project 20Time. Ball4Good is a result of a 7th grade 20Time project.

Mr. Kevin Brookhouser, a teacher from Oregon, is the originator of the 20Time concept.

We are fortunate to be mentored by Ms. Mary Thomas, Chief Operating Officer of the Spartanburg County Foundation.

Advisors: Mr. William Webster IV, Mr. Charles Blue, Dr. Rachel Deems, Dr. Kofi Appiah, Mr. Landon Cohen, Ms. Kelsea Turner

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