Happy Holidays & Annual Update

We wish you a happy and healthy holiday season!

Look what you helped us do this year!

Organizations Supported

  1. Boys and Girls Clubs
  2. Boy Scouts
  3. Cancer Association of Spartanburg & Cherokee Counties
  4. Children’s Advocacy Center
  5. Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas
  6. DormanSoccer/Drake Rayden Foundation
  7. Girl Scouts
  8. Hope Center for Children
  9. Miracle Hill Ministries
  10. St. Jude’s Children Clinic
  11. Thornton Activity Center

Activities / Events

  1. 20Time Fair
  2. Podcast
  3.  Ball4Good Celebrity Basketball Games
  4. Spellers with Causes
  5. TED Talk
  6.  Cancer Drive
  7. School Visits
  8.  2019 Grants Review
  9. Play4Miracles Sports Drive


As we look back on the past year, we want to recognize the many generous people who have helped us. Thank you friends of 2018!

Adom Appiah
Adwoa Adu
Alan Jenkins
Albert Adu
Alex Richardson
Amanda Campbell
Andrea Stinson
Andrew Babb
Andrew Sangmuah
Ann Angermeier
Ann Hopkins
Ansley & Ned Page
Ashley Whitt
Benjy Miller
Bert Barre
Betsy Flemming
Betsy Neely Sikma
Bill Barnet
Bishop Richardson
Blake Spencer
Brandy Lindsey
Brendan Kelly
Brent Bishop
Brittany Mack
Carlotta Redish
Carolina Alliance Bank
Caroline Goodman
Cathy Bagwell
Cathy Scott
Charity Metcalf
Charles Blue
Charles Richard
Chris Jennings
Chris Jones
Chris Steed
Christopher Henderson
Cindy Crick
Citizen Scholars
City of Spartanburg
Claudia Player
Clay Killoren
Connor Shugart
Dawn Deck
Deevee Sanchez
Dennis Mitchell
Donlyn Aiken
Donna Kennedy
Donna Lancaster
Dorothy Sangmuah
Douglas Stephenson
Dr. & Mrs Kofi Appiah
Dr. & Mrs. Ntim
Dr. & Mrs. Snoddy
Dr. Rachel Deems
Eli Page
Emily Campbell
Erica Brown
Evelyn Boateng
Farrar Richardson
Fidelis Ewusie
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church Youth
Florian Sloan
Frank Rudisill
Friends of Celebrity Games Players
George Singleton
Graves Family
Greg Embry
Hope Blackley
Houston Graves
J Byron Morris
Jack Foster
Janet Christy
Jeanie O’Shaughnessy
Jennifer Stone
Jeremy Collins
Joan Moore
Joseph Gray
Joshua Dodoo
Joy Couch
Karen Floyd
Karine Nguyen
Karl Osei Boateng
Kathleen Babb
Kevin Sangmuah
Kim Land
Kim Moultrie
Koshie Larbi-Siaw
Kwame Larbi Siaw
Kwame Lartey,
Kweku Larbi-Siaw
Kyle Tracy
Kyra Osei Boateng
Landon Cohen
Laura Stille
Laura & Scott Montgomery
Laura Ringo
Lauren Friedrich
Lauren Oakes
Lee Anderson
Lee Sartor & Family
Lillian Osei Boateng
Liza Webster
Loreta Dylgjeri
Luke Feisal
Maguerite Nevins
Margaret Young
Mark Freeman
Mary Hackett
Matt Brown
Max Hyde
Maxwell Booker
Michel Stone
Mike Young
Misti Hudson
Monier Abusaft
Morkor Newman
Mr. & Mrs. Benjamin Miller
Mr. & Mrs. Bert Barre
Mr. Billy Webster
Mr. Charles Blue
Mr. Eliot Stone
Mr. Landon Cohen
Mrs. Kelsea Turner
Mrs. Michel Stone
Ms. Erica Brown
Ms. Lindsay Lavine Webster
Ms. Mary Thomas
Nana Addo
Nancy Cote
Nick Buxton
Ohene Ofosu
Penelope Wright
Penny Wright
Rebecca Ramos
Rett Foust
Rex Bingham
Rick Dent
Robin Garrell
Ronnie Meeks
Ruth LittleJohn
Ryan Clary
Sam Hemans
Sam Mitchell
Sangmuah Family
Scott Cochran
Scripps National Spelling Bee
Shane Regan
Shannon Rogers
Sheryl Booker
Siran Lartey
Spartanburg County Foundation
Spartanburg County Sheriff’s Office
Spartanburg Day School
Spartanburg Day School Cheer Squad
Spartanburg Day School Class of 2022
Spartanburg Nephrology Associates
Sports Medicine Institute / Spartanburg Regional Healthcare
Steve Wise
Summer Blue
SunTrust Bank
Susan Johnson
Susan Myers
Susie Wright
Suzy Cole
Tara Weese
Teresa Hough
Teresa Strait
The Converse Family
The Curtis Family
The Hoenigs
The Killoren Family
The Osae Kwapongs
The Sloan family
The Srivastavas
Thomas E. Hannah YMCA
Thomas Ryan
Timmigo Burnett
TJ Shephard
Tom Evans
Tom Killoren
USC Upstate Cheer Squad
USC Upstate Marketing Class of 2019
Vicki Lawson
Victor Durrah
Wade Ballard
Wanda Cheeks – Holmes
Webster Family
Will Beeson
Wofford University Cheer Squad
Zion Williamson


We are sorry for any omissions.

Thank you to everybody who supports us! 

We invite you to join the Ball4Good family.

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