Ball4Good Honors 4 Organizations

Ball4Good honored 4 organizations at it’s year-end meeting at the Spartanburg County Foundation on Wednesday, June 5, 2019.
The organizations received grants to help with the following:
  • Project Hope Foundation – $16,000 to fund a digital printing business
  • Sidewalk Hope – $2,200 to fund summer sports camps
  • Citizen Scholars – $2,200 to purchase robotics kits for Spartanburg County students
  • Brothers Restoring Urban Hope – $2,200 to help restore the urban community
The funds were made possible partly through ticket sales at the 2019 Celebrity Basketball Games held at Spartanburg Day School. Additional funds were raised through sponsorship from local businesses, several grants, and support from individuals. Southeastern Paper Group was the presenting sponsor of the 2019 Celebrity Basketball Games.
Several athletes including Antony Ianni formerly of Michigan State, Ricaye Harris of Milliken and Jerome Logan formerly of South Carolina State participated in the games. The faculty, staff and athletes of University of South Carolina Upstate, Spartanburg Day School and Spartanburg Methodist College were actively involved.
The Celebrity Games participants were part of a fundraising effort on the Pledgeit fundraising platform. City Council representative Erica Brown led the players in the fundraising efforts.
With help from the Spartanburg County Foundation, 9 students from across Spartanburg County received training on how to evaluate grants. Representatives from the County Foundation its board, and the Spartanburg Day varsity basketball coach served on the youth-run planning committee.
Founded by rising sophomore Adom Appiah, Ball4Good is a nonprofit that supports communities through sports. The youth run organization is currently collaborating with soccer coach Nick Buxton to hold a soccer tournament in September to support the Children’s Cancer Partners of the Carolinas.
Please note that several volunteers and grants committee members are missing from the pictures because of the summer schedule.
For a full list of 2019 partners and sponsors, please visit
Thanks to everyone who has supported Ball4Good! Happy Summer!

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